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Please only submit applications to THIS POST!

* * * * * APPLYING

1) Make sure you've read and understand the rules before applying!

2) Post 5-8 of your best icons here to be judged. Movie icons are prefered. Although if you have some other really good ones, don't be afraid to post them, too. :) If you have an icon journal, please provide a link.

3) I am going to be very picky when judging your icons. This IS an elite community. If I offer constructive criticism, don't take it personally. Use it to improve!

4) You must be accepted before you will be allowed to post here. Do NOT use the "click to join" method. It will be ignored.

5) If you don't get accepted your first time (or 10th time) applying, don't throw a fuss. Work on your icons and then you may apply again when you feel you've made improvement.

6) If you ARE accepted, congratulations! I will send you an invite. Go to your invites page and accept! Please do NOT use the "click to join" method.

7) It may take up to two weeks before I can get to your application. Please be patient.

8) If your application is skipped over don't freak out. It just means that I need more time to think about it. :)

* * * * *

That's it!
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